So many times I felt frustration and confusion, when I was editing types.xml files in the past and after that my server stopped properly spawning loot, while I had absolutely no idea why... And when Boheimia releases its game patches, it frequently changes types file and you have to start all over again every time.

Existing DayZ server customizer web service lacked functionality, was not supported and in many cases corrupting files, due to poor initial validation. 

I haven't found any other suitable tools for convenient editing, so I came up with an idea about automating this process for my personal usage. 
First, after reading tons of game documentation I've created sophisticated custom XML schema for types.xml files validation, which includes all possible options, value ranges and respects types.xml logical rules. 
Once it was working properly I started to use it myself and help others to fix their types.xml files.
(As if you would just take a look on Steam - walls are disappearing, everything is disappearing, you mod is broken your game is broken. In majority of cases the cause for that is using corrupted types.xml)

After some time it started to take too much time to help others (at the end my family wants to eat either) and I decided to wrap it to a public webservice editing tool.

So I did that, thanks to my buddy Nikita for great help and consultations regarding asp .net coding. 

Enjoy and let this service help you the same ways it helps me. Thank you.